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Hyväntekeväisyysmedia Sharewoodissa.

Sharewood on nettiyhteisö, jonka mainoksia klikkaamalla mainostaja lahjoittaa valitsemallesi järjestölle 5 senttiä per klikattu mainos/päivä. Sharewoodissa arvotaan myös erilaisia palkintoja jäsenten kesken ja palkinnon voittajan järjestö saa myös rahapalkinnon. Kilpirauhasliitolla on sivustolla tukijoita reilut 130 kun kirjoitan tätä joulukuussa 2011 ja muutamassa kuukaudessa he ovat keränneet järjestölle lähes 300 euroa.

Itse olen ottanut päivittäiseksi rutiinikseni avata sivuston ja käydä klikkaamassa mainokset muun nettiselailun yhteydessä.

Alla olevasta linkistä sinäkin voit liittyä jäseneksi ja auttaa kilpirauhasliittoa helpolla ja hauskalla tavalla!

Kertyvillä varoilla kilpirauhasliitto tukee kilpirauhassairauksien tutkimusta ja asiantuntijaluentojen järjestämistä paikallisyhdistyksissä.

3 Responses to Sharewood

  1. Pia Larsen says:

    Saturday 2nd February 2013
    I am a Danish woman of 51 years, who lives in Denmark.
    In my search for counterparts in other European countries, popped your interesting blog up.

    I have Hashimoto’s and Low metabolism. I have been very ill due to a variety of sideeffects caused by the consumption of synthetic metabolic medicine (T4), Eltroxin and Euthyrox.

    All of the endocrinologists and doctors I have spoken to about my horrible sideeffects have not recognized my side, as something the synthetic T4 metabolic medicine has caused. They turned it over with, it was symptoms of my transition age.

    I have never been offered T3 medication, and did not know it existed ontil last year.

    It is now 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with Autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s).

    I have now, with the help of various metabolic groups on Facebook, found a way out of my Living Hell, and has now replaced my T4 medication with a Natural manufactured metabolic medicine; called thyroid, which contains both T3 and T4 substance. Since this disease requires lifelong intake of metabolic medicine, I feel great joy to have found a naturally produced medication, that do not immediately add the body nasty side effects.

    After many sorrowful, painful, frustrating, helpless debates via Facebook metabolism groups, I’ve now set myself to examine, whether people in other European countries, have the same problems that we have in Denmark, with regard to not feel taken seriously, by the academically competent endocrinologists and general practitioners. It actually very muchs depends on the individual physician’s desire to help. To my horror I become more and more aware of the day-to-day experience of a metabolic investigation, through the public welfare, in my opinion, is amazing the same throughout Europe.
    How and why I believe it’s the case:
    I’ve spent a lot of time on the Internet, where I have sat and translated, short sentences, containing metabolic words, and translated via Google Translate into different languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German, Spanish, etc.
    On Facebook, I’ve managed, through these translations to find Metabolism Groups in droves, around Europe. Metabolic Groups, outside the medical system, where sick people support and help each other.

    Examples of metabolic disease groups, you will find on Face book from countries in Europe:
    I am convinced that I have only found what is compared to a drop in the ocean, but I am also convinced that we clearly can see a tendency to thyroid persons left to themselves. When I, in the different groups, in different countries, translated unique individuals stories to my language, arouses the fear in my mind, that all of our stories is similar to each other: Side effects, loneliness, physicians and endocrinologists, who will not listen to the thyroid citizen comfort (but only look at our bloodsamples), despair, uncertainty, etc.

    There will obviously be a part of all those members, who join in several groups at the same time, so if you wanted to try to put (UNIQUE) members, in a chart to get a complete picture, of the metabolic Sick problem, then it would not really be feasible.
    Conversely, one could choose to look at the figures that every time a (UNIQUE) member, was a member of several groups, including across national borders, then could the (UNIQUE) Member counting example for 4 times (UNIQUE) person of membership, of 4 different groups.
    I myself am a member of 4 groups in Denmark, 2 in Norway, 1 in Sweden.

    France: problèmes the thyroid, hypothyroidie. Open Group 508 Members.

    Spain: Hipotiroidismo one Arequipa (grupo Apoyo). Open Group 212 Members.

    Spain: HIPOTIROIDISMO Closed group of 715 members.

    Germany: Forschung und uber Stoffwechselerkrankungen unverträglichkeiten. Closed Group 28 Members.

    Sweden: Sköldkörtelforumet. Closed Group 378 Members.

    Norway: For Us with hypothyroidism (low stoffskifte). Closed Group 1,190 members.

    Norway: For oss low stoffskifte who want natural medisiner. Closed Group 196 Members.

    Denmark: Too low metabolism. Open Group 611 Members.

    Denmark: For anyone with thyroid problems. Closed Group. 390 Members.

    Denmark: Natural Thyroid Hormone. Open Group. 397 Members

    Denmark: Patient Experience with natural thyroid hormone. Closed Group. 93 Members.
    P.S. I am looking forward to hearing a respons from you – Sincerely – Pia Larsen

  2. Pia Larsen says:

    Hey Again

    I have a question: Does people with metabolism sickness in Finland, use Face Book Group to help each other

    Yours Sincerely
    Pia Larsen

  3. Pää kainalossa says:

    Hi Pia!
    Thank you very much for your comment and all the interesting knowledge e.g. about groups in Europe! On Facebook there is a Finnish thyroid patient group called Kilpirauhanen. It’s an active group. I’d very much like to hear more from you sometime but I’m afraid, as you see, I have very little time to write back properly. I will remember your contact even I’m not able to answer right now :)
    You are doing excellent Job!
    Take Care <3


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